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If you are lost to addiction and want to find a compassionate, supportive path back to sobriety and health call  today! At Lexington Drug Treatment Centers, they help individuals find the drug treatment center that meets all of their needs. The rehab centers understand addiction and how to recover from it. You will find no judgments or preconceived notions about who you are as a person or what forces led you to those doors. You see, they know that there is no one type of person who becomes a drug addict.

Addiction can happen to people from all walks of life and all ages. Drug treatment facilities in Lexington have seen people of all ages, races, and economic status walk through the doors. They know that the disease of addiction is far more complicated than superfluous determinants like class or race. There has been a lot of medical research on the origins and nature of addiction.

The closest anyone has come to providing some form of “predictability” is in the area of genetic markers. Gene research specifically has demonstrated that there are some genetic origins to addiction that, coupled with environmental conditions, can instigate the disease in certain people. Other research into dual diagnosis has indicated that with some individuals’ substance abuse is simply the self-medication of another underlying disorder such as depression or generalized anxiety disorder.

Why Some Never Seek Treatment

Unfortunately, many individuals who live with addiction will never seek treatment. They are bogged down in the muddy waters of fear and shame—fear of the unknown, fear of withdrawal, fear of finding out who you are, and the shame of having let not only the people you love down but yourself down time and time again. Many addicts are able to successfully hide their addiction for years from loved ones and coworkers, and the thought of having to tell people that they have a disease is anathema to them.

High profile individuals and business professionals are some of the last people to seek treatment because of what they feel it will do to their career and their reputation. Fortunately, prestigious groups like the American Medical Association are working to make the general public aware that addiction is a disease and remove the stigma associated with it.

Having an addiction to a drug or to alcohol is no more or less a disease than having diabetes. Addiction, like diabetes, is a progressive condition. It can be hidden for a while but eventually, it will progress to the point where one’s entire life is consumed by it to the point they may even die from it.

Addiction is a deadly disease. Don’t let your fears of people knowing take your life.

Lexington drug treatment centers and addiction recovery treatment programs provide a safe and comfortable place to withdrawal from your chemical dependency and begin compassionate and therapeutic treatment for your disease.

Drug Treatment Centers in Lexington

As with any disease, there is no instant cure, no spell that can be waved over you that will cure you instantly. Addiction recovery is a process of medical and spiritual intervention. For those who have tried and failed to achieve sobriety in the past, either on their own or at another center, there will be trepidation and hesitation about placing trust in any center or rehab. They understand that.

Drug Treatment Centers in Lexington have seen many individuals in your situation looking for answers and not knowing where to place their trust. Rehabilitation is a relationship, between you, the staff, and the other people at the facility. The fit needs to be right.

To discuss your options for treatment, call a local Lexington drug treatment center today.

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